Handmade Santa Hat Earrings


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Handmade red Santa hat earrings with a painted white acrylic trim and pom-pom.

Each pair are different and therefore unique! The size is approximately 29 x 27 mm with a thickness of 3mm

Please note that due to the process there may be slight imperfections or bubbles.  Colours on the handmade Santa hat earrings may therefore vary. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery however, I will confirm when ordering. Message me if you have any requirements.

The earrings are then drilled and wires attached.

Price includes postage.

All my jewellery is handmade however, I only make a few of any one item.  What you buy is unique and therefore only you would have it!

Why not treat yourself or a loved one to some unique jewellery? It will make a perfect gift idea!

Please note. Do not wear resin jewellery whilst bathing/swimming. Avoid high temperatures. Try to keep the jewellery away from any perfume, sprays or creams. This may therefore affect the finish of the resin. Do not allow to get pieces wet! If wet please dry with a clean cloth.

I have been making jewellery from metal clay for a few years. I completed a year long course at the London Jewellery School in September 2015. This resulted in a Diploma in Creative Jewellery.  I learnt many techniques using silver clay. Other skills include fused glass, resin, perspex, enamelling and silversmithing. I also attended a 3 day course. This enabled me to demonstrate different skills and techniques in working with silver clay. This resulted in me achieving Art Clay Silver Level 1 Diploma (ACWUK) in April 2016. This therefore, qualifies me to teach basic silver clay classes. ‭

Voted by my customers I was given the North Tyneside Business of the Month award. It reflects comments from people who have completed a course with me.


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